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Personal Training With One Of Our Elite Coaches Is By Far The Fastest And Most Effective Path to A New You!
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The human body is an incredible thing, capable of immense changes. It can adapt to a vast array of environments, make your environment more healthy and you will be amazed at what happens.

If its important to you, then work with the best!

Ready for change?
Why do we ask that you apply?
Whilst its true, most Personal Trainers will take just about anyones money in return for the "promise" of results.. MACHINES aren't just any Personal Trainers! 

We are some of the best coaches in the industry, achieving results that simply don't happen else where. In part, we do this by working with those who are truly ready to make changes. In short, if a client wants to get results, we can absolutely help. That said you will need to work hard, make changes and from time to time be uncomfortable. If you aren't ready for that yet then you need not apply.

We exist for those who are ready for change!

Unexpected perks of being a MACHINE:

Genuinely shock people when you tell them your age!
Do what YOU Love and Play to YOUR Strengths
Ready for change?
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Clients seek out MACHINES for a plethora of reasons. These range from goals oriented around weight loss to aspirations for better mobility or injury rehabilitation. One thing is clear though, MACHINES is the go to solution when you become serious about your training.
  • Fat Loss: Our clients enjoy results that are faster and far easier to maintain
  • Increased Strength: We train the body with functional movements how it was intended. The guys and girls at MACHINES are seriously strong
  • Injury Rehabilitation: Our Coaches have years of experience and are often the go to team when it comes to referrals from Doctors and physiotherapist. Many of these professionals trust us with their own health which speaks volumes!
Injured?: From Broken Back to Climbing the Mountain
Listen to Sarah's story of how we banished back pain and went on to climb in the Everest region.
Body Transformation: 
Life Changing Body Transformations 
Improved performance: 
Age is just a number, its never too late to improve your health
See how Joe and Brenda have effectively turned back the hands of time!
Carol never imagined she would be in the best shape of her life at 61!  
When it comes leading healthy and fulfilled lives too many of us have it backwards...
Bodies Suffer Years Of Neglect But We Upgrade Clothes, Cars And Homes Without A Second Thought...
Ready For Change? We have helped hundreds of people just like you get in the best shape of Their lives! 
Our Incredible Facility:
Absolute Beginners 
As the name suggests this is a course that was designed for those who are brand new to exercise or haven't trained recently. This is an incredibly supportive environment to help build confidence and a foundation of fitness. Your Body Transformation Starts Here!
1:1 Coaching
If you want to look and feel your absolute best. If you are ready to grab life by the horns and become the best version of your self right now. Then our coaches can show you how!
Group Coaching
Rest assured these are not your run of the mill fitness classes. Every session at Machines is designed specifically for the clients enrolled on the course. We know who's coming to every session so we can tailor our design to your goals and capabilities.
The level of care and attention delivered at MACHINES is the reason we achieve more for our clients than anyone else.
Kids Birthdays
Our expert team handles every aspect of your party, ensuring every participant gets the most from their time regardless of age or ability. 
We create an inclusive environment where everyone leaves felling like a Ninja Warrior
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