We believe in a world where you have total freedom to choose who you want to be, without judgement. 
To experiment. To express yourself. To be brave and grab life as the extraordinary adventure it is. 
So we make sure everyone has an equal chance to discover all the amazing things they’re capable of – no matter who they are, where they’re from or what the strongest version of themselves looks like. We exist to give you the confidence and guidance to be whoever you want to be.
Forward Thinking Fitness
MACHINES is A place for all
Our audience (AKA you) is incredibly diverse. And we do everything we can to help you find your fitness. Our role is to help you discover your true potential, focusing on your strengths and helping you overcome obstacles. 

Body positivity

It’s vital for us to promote a healthy body image – we’re not about conforming to any stereotypes – so we work with our clients to achieve what THEY want for themselves. The spectrum of what’s healthy is considerable broader than what the media portrays, we only concern ourselves with what is medically proven. The rest is down to what YOU want from yourself. 

Just 1 month into training 
7 months later, a life changed!
The Next Generation
Your childhood shapes your future, what they learn today is who they become tomorrow. Teaching children about confidence, self worth, strength, working with others and having a positive mindset is just as important as anything academic.
"We believe the Children are our Future"
Our Team
Our Team at MACHINES is diverse, each coming from different backgrounds, having experience in vastly different areas. However, every Coach at MACHINES has at least one thing in common. They were all clients of ours before they became coaches.

That one fact makes our team an incredibly powerful force for change when it comes to helping you. Because, at one time they were EXACTLY where you are now!
Every coach knows what its like to be a client, walking through the door of a place they have never been before, having fears of what to expect. They have each lived their own journey towards a better version of themselves. Whats more, they enjoyed the process so much that they made the commitment to help others enjoy the same success. 

Most personal trainers out there are fresh out of school with just a 6 week qualification under their belt, what can they possibly know about juggling all of life's priorities at that stage?

Our team are Parents, Spouses, Carers, Business owners and most of all people with real life experience. They know your struggle and most importantly they have been where you are now! They have first hand experience of success, but not only this. To become a MACHINES Coach they each needed to complete a minimum of a 2 year internship learning directly from the founder of MACHINES.

John Machin
Prior to founding MACHINES over a decade a go, John  worked as a chemist at a global pharmaceutical company. 
His scientific background makes him uniquely placed to deliver the latest scientifically proven training and nutrition to our clients.  
PT Fully Booked...
Kathy Shannon
Kathy has over a decade of training experience under John, learning directly from him. Prior to becoming a coach Kathy was a hair dresser. This makes her uniquely placed to understand her clients on a personal level. Anyone who trains with Kathy will tell you she just gets you!
PT Last remaining...
Alison Nuttall
Alison met John at an NHS wellbeing conference. As the head of cheshire east wellbeing Alison saw great value in the lessons John was teaching. Alison suffered with terrible back pain from a bulging disk. Through the MACHINES methods she is now pain free and one of the strongest women you will likely meet. This chance encounter changed her life and inspired her to pass on what she's learned.
PT Limited...
Graham Cooper
Graham was Johns first ever client and its fair to say he has a real passion for fitness. Most weekends you will find Graham running a marathon, Mud run, obstacle race or something generally crazy. Graham helps Machines to deliver world class group personal training sessions right here at our Congleton HQ. 
PT Fully Booked...
Sarah Carter Lumb
Sarah thrives on strength training. Often our bodies are unbalanced and inefficient when exercising. Sarah has a keen eye for postural imbalances and uses her knowledge of corrective exercise and strength training to rapidly improve the clients performance.
If you want to become the strongest version of yourself then Sarah can certainly help.
PT Limited...
Jo Li
 Jo met John at a Ninja warrior party. Unhappy with her low body weight she enlisted Johns help. In the last few years she has learned more about nutrition and healthy mindset than most coaches learn in a career. Jo also works in major injuries for a high level law firm giving her unique perspective on the importance of health and rehabilitation to quality of life.
PT good...
Romilly Wills
In true MACHINES tradition Romilly has learned directly from John and Kathy. Prior to becoming a coach Romilly worked in the field of mental health.
So many choices we make around what we eat, when we train and the lifestyle we lead are routed in our emotional and mental wellbeing. Romilly is uniquely placed to help you to gain mastery over your choices.
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Clients seek out MACHINES for a plethora of reasons. These range from goals oriented around weight loss to aspirations for better mobility or injury rehabilitation. One thing is clear though, MACHINES is the go to solution when you become serious about your training.
  •  Fat Loss: Our clients enjoy results that are faster and far easier to maintain
  •  Increased Strength: We train the body with functional movements how it was intended. The guys and girls at MACHINES are seriously strong
  • Injury Rehabilitation: Our Coaches have years of experience and are often the go to team when it comes to referrals from Doctors and physiotherapist. Many of these professionals trust us with their own health which speaks volumes!
Injured?: From Broken Back to Climbing the Mountain
Listen to Sarah's story of how we banished back pain and went on to climb in the Everest region.
Body Transformation: 
Life Changing Body Transformations 
Improved performance: 
Age is just a number, its never too late to improve your health
See how Joe and Brenda have effectively turned back the hands of time!
When it comes leading healthy and fulfilled lives too many of us have it backwards...
Bodies Suffer Years Of Neglect But We Upgrade Clothes, Cars And Homes Without A Second Thought...
Ready For Change? We have helped hundreds of people just like you get in the best shape of Their lives! 
Carol never imagined she would be in the best shape of her life at 58!  
Our Incredible Facility:
Absolute Beginners 
As the name suggests this is a course that was designed for those who are brand new to exercise or haven't trained recently. This is an incredibly supportive environment to help build confidence and a foundation of fitness. Your Body Transformation Starts Here!
1:1 Coaching
If you want to look and feel your absolute best. If you are ready to grab life by the horns and become the best version of your self right now. Then our coaches can show you how!
Group Coaching
Rest assured these are not your run of the mill fitness classes. Every session at Machines is designed specifically for the clients enrolled on the course. We know who's coming to every session so we can tailor our design to your goals and capabilities.
The level of care and attention delivered at MACHINES is the reason we achieve more for our clients than anyone else.
Kids Birthdays
Our expert team handles every aspect of your party, ensuring every participant gets the most from their time regardless of age or ability. 
We create an inclusive environment where everyone leaves felling like a Ninja Warrior
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