Deluxe Ninja Party
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A stress free way to host the party of the year!
By Far the most convenient and cost effective way to WOW everyone invited
So Much more than a Venue
Our expert team handles every aspect of your party, ensuring every participant gets the most from their time regardless of age or ability. 
We create an inclusive environment where everyone leaves felling like a Ninja Warrior
A typical Deluxe Party
Safety briefing and facility tour 10 mins

Warm up games 10 Mins

Obstacles A&B 15 Mins
Obstacles C&D 15 Mins
Obstacles E&F 10 Mins
Obstacles G&H 10 Mins

Additional Event(s) e.g. NERF WAR, Ninja warrior or Big climbing wall competition 20 Mins

Birthday Duel Battle or Hang Tough 5 Mins

Party Food 20 Mins

Debrief 5 mins
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An hour at MACHINES Can fly by!! We have over 30 obstacles as well as an arsenal of fun filled activities meaning no two sessions are ever the same. Our Deluxe package gives you a second hour at our facility which opens up a whole host of opportunities to try more obstacles and activities! It also gives time to enjoy party food onsite making it our most convenient and complete package!

Our Coaches are always there to ensure you have an unrivalled experience. We start with a thorough warm up to ensure everyone is ready for the event. We also give comprehensive instruction on how to use all of our obstacles and equipment safely. 

Participants will never be left alone on the course and will constantly be encouraged and coached to ensure progress.

We direct the flow of the event too which means you will use your time wisely, experiencing more obstacles, events and no one is ever left wondering what to do next!
They will love it so much they will never want to leave!
We have 100% 5 Star reviews, will you be our next success story??
£140 per hour Exclusivity
  •  Exclusivity over the facility
  •  up to 10 Participants
  •  A dedicated coach for your group
  •  Learn how to use more obstacles
  •  Multi-Event ( Fully customise your party)
  •  Opportunity to Enjoy food on site
Minimum duration 2 Hours
£180 per hour Exclusivity
  •  Exclusivity over the facility
  •  up to 20 Participants
  •  Two dedicated coaches for your group
  •  Learn how to use more obstacles
  •  Multi-Event (Fully customise your party)
  •  Opportunity to Enjoy food on site
Minimum duration 2 Hours
20+ Participant Exclusivity
We host events for a wide variety of occasions including corporate days, charity functions, large parties and much more.

For a bespoke event contact us directly to obtain a quote. Tel: 07532148431
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